Meagan Silva is the second generation of lawyers at the Silva Law Firm.  The benefit of a second generation lawyer in the firm will assure that we will be here in the future to assist your family in their time of need.  One of the biggest mistakes we see is that a family will make a living trust and then fail to transfer the assets into the "name of the trust".   For most folks, their most valuable asset is their home. As part of our services we will prepare the transfer deed and have it recorded at the hall of records.   Patrick Silva is the founder of The Silva Law Firm. He has been helping clients with their Living Trust needs since 2001.

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ALL of your consultations will be with an attorney. ALL of your legal documents will be prepared by an attorney and your final document signing will be with an attorney.  Patrick Silva is the founder of the The Silva Law Firm. Meagan Silva is the second generation of The Silva Law Firm. We are one of very few father - daughter law firms in the Inland Empire.

The Revocable Living Trust allows you to quickly and efficiently transfer your assets upon death to your beneficiaries.  However, in order to accomplish this goal you must have complete trust in one or more persons to carry out your last wishes.  The successor trustee will have the obligation to gather your assets and distribute them to your heirs in a timely manner. I believe that this is the most important decision that you have to make when creating a living trust.